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America beautiful

  • Pelsenderi
    From San Francisco to New York in November 2008.

i'm a cult hero

  • Takakansi
    my time is coming and it won't be long


  • Can you hear what they are saying?
    "Ook sä nähny sen leffan 'Rakkaudella Maire'? Sä oot ihan niinku se Maire. Seki vaan dokaa ja odottaa miestään Tokiost ja on sekoomispistees."

Agnes and Zelda

  • The value of my pardon, the shadow of my reach
    They were the sisters Idiot

Faces of Christ

  • I don't know what to ask for
    Remember me but forget my fate

Vem Är Du ? by Uolevi

  • Blümen
    Pictures re-made by Uolevi

Il Bastardo

  • So long the path, so hard the journey
    And everything is gonna be allright

The Queer Bros

  • Turquoise shirt with yellow satin decoration
    Casual clothing for the urban clownboy

Just pictures

  • 2000 lightyears of darkness
    Because they're worth it (though my lashes seem to be falling off. Never use old glue.)

I am sailing

  • The days of Pearly Spencer
    I remember the sea, I remember, how I thought she'd sing forever

Team Jesus

  • Cristal Snow "Pump it up"
    Join the winning team

Attention Stockholm

  • We're running to Södermalm
    My trip to Stockholm, the white daughter of the Baltic Sea


  • Berlin in September
    in September 2006. Oh what a wonderful city. I lost a piece of my heart. Now everyone gets to take a stab, cut me up into parts.


  • A building
    Berlevåg in the summer 2005. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

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